Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Things

Whoo! A post!

Well, I found this article about a week ago. I thought I'd make a few of these; it's a simple post, and it gives you people something to read until November is over.
For those of you who can't be bothered to click the link, the gist of the page is that everything in the world can be summed up in two points.

The two things about:

2. GOTO 1

1. (
2. )

1. This space for sale
2. So is this space

1. All points are equal
1. All points are equal

1. Looks legal
2. Not legal

1. That looks like a stupid game
2. Holy shit I've been playing for 15 hours

1. You do not talk about /b/
2. You do NOT talk about /b/

1. I can quit whenever I want
2. Just not right now

1. I can do this whenever I want
2. Just not right now

(Is procrastination a drug?)

Horror Movies
1. Open any door in your attempt to escape

1. Crime doesn't pay
2. When it does, it pays well

1. That one is lying
2. So is that one

Blanket Statements
1. Irony
2. Meta

Fan Fiction
1. The first draft is garbage
2. So are all the other ones

1. The (non-asian) guy gets the girl
2. The world is saved (but never by the asian guy)

1. Turkey
2. Tums

1. Words
2. Why are you reading this you could be writing

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keyword Update

Am I being trolled? I mean, in the past six days, I've got six new hits from Google. The people got to this blog by searching for:

November 1- programming languages
November 1- what problems do nukes solve
November 2- how obama has messed up usa
November 3- things obama has messed up
November 5- tvtrope nukes solve everything
November 6- ways obama has messed up

Okay, so maybe there's been a spike in patriotism in the country, as post-election day, people need to figure out how Obama has benefited the country, and if nuclear warheads can solve our crappy economy.

I don't know about you guys, but the mental image of some Obama-hater who doesn't quite know what he should hate Obama for coming to this blog and then going into full-on rage mode is quite hilarious to me.

Perhaps there will be more in coming days. Back to writing!