Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back, Ready to Write

Summer's begun, school's over.

I can finally write more =D

Anyways, I went to the beach today, and came up with this semi-functional analogy for life.

Life is like a beach. As you pass through, you leave your own impressions upon the vast expanse of the beach. At first, you say, "Hey! I'm making huge impressions! My footprints are unique, look at the pretty lines I'm leaving!", and you continue on your merry way, merrily throwing sand around, trekking up a large dune, pausing to throw out a loose cigarette butt, and then throwing more sand about until...

Until you realize how large the beach is. And how insignificant your footsteps are. And how many people have already walked by - and you've just lumped them into one big bunch of "beachprints". Your eyes have glazed over them, and you've even trampled over some footsteps. Oops.

Once your initial embarrassment has been overcome - not only about the erased footsteps, but all those poor people before you who are just "part of the beach" - you begin to panic. YOU are just part of the beach. YOUR footsteps will be in turn glazed over, and trampled over with new steps as well. Do you really have any significance? After all, the beach is a rather large place. In fact, you couldn't possibly traverse the entire thing in this outing.

What if you could come back? What if you could fill the ENTIRE beach with your footsteps? Surely then you wouldn't be overlooked? No, that's simply impossible. The waves will erase some, and the wind will take care of the rest. Not to mention the hordes of people coming Sunday.

Then you realize. That bathhouse you passed before. That bench you paused to rest on. Those handily placed stones that make a great campfire area. The small pit inexplicably sitting in the middle of the beach. Those certainly weren't overlooked. There is something you can do to leave an impression upon the beach (but it will certainly require work).

And on the other hand, it's not bad at all just to stroll on the beach. After all, up until the embarrassment and panic, it was a pretty pleasurable day. Would it really be so bad just to lay back on the sand and enjoy yourself?

Probably not, unless a crab decides to make your ear its next home.

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