Sunday, October 23, 2011

Making Cases

If you don't do debate, the rest of this will probably make less sense than promising to sign all pro-life constitutional amendments if elected president. But that's no excuse to be Herman Cain!

Anyways, as what appears to be a rigorous year in debate approaches, I figure I might as well give myself some practice with improv arguments given a random resolution to make myself better at forming 1AC and off-case arguments - but probably just DA. I might throw in the occasional CP or K or T, but those are all rather short things, except K, which is just complex. Of course, without a prior 1AC, I won't be able to do case for these random resolutions. Oh well.

So, the plan is that I'll give myself say, an hour, (time due to change) to write up a convincing argument for/against the resolution, depending if I feel like Aff/Neg that day. Over the next two to three days I'll go look stuff up on the subject, since I probably won't know guano about it, and come back with a coherent case, with sources cited! This will probably mean 2-4 updates per week, all of which will make sense to you debate folks! The rest of you will see rampant hyperbole and a very pessimistic view of the world, huzzah!

Reading this again, this probably doesn't even make sense to debaters. Tomorrow. Tomorrow it will make sense. Once I get some sleep. Delicious delicious sleep.

Also, I'll likely be pulling resolutions from here, among other sources. Maybe some old CX ones as well, but those are far less varied, and there are far fewer of them, too.

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