Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Religion

This morning I woke to my radio playing religious hymns. They weren't telling me that the devil would have my soul, and they didn't sound horrible, either. I was also a bit sleepy still, so I continued to lay there and listen.

A few minutes later, the hymn ended, and some guy with a sonorous voice began to talk. He talked for about a minute about being kind to people, and respecting their opinions. He talked about doing good, and then cued another hymn. This went on for a half hour. Just hymns and preaching being kind to others, etc.

Yes, it was religious. No, I'm not even thinking of converting to any religion or believing in any higher power. But it was nice to listen to early in the morning, and, save for the whole higher-power bit, was totally approved of by me.

Why can't all manifestations of religion be like this?

(Rhetorical question. People willing to take advantage of this for their own benefit prevent this from happening. But still, it'd make the world a far better place.)

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