Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunset, Part 3

Garret found himself staring into the mouth of a cave. It began as a hole in the ground, just a slight mound from the other side. It tilted at a shallow incline beneath the earth, which swallowed it up soon after. The darkness was impenetrable even a few feet in - the mere thought of stepping in there didn't sit well with Garret. He moved on, further into the forest.

He hadn't found any food when his stomach began to grumble in annoyance. He had passed some wild boar by already, much to the dismay of his stomach. But it wasn't realistic to think he could kill and cook one without any sort of instruments.

Garret came across some sort of fowl, rooting in the underbrush for something. Again, not a realistic meal at this point, though his mouth watered at the thought of roast bird. But that wasn't why it caught his attention. Likely, the bird was eating something - something Garret could eat.

He ran at the fowl, and it ran off, slender wings unable to pick its fat body off the ground. It left behind a red mess of berries on the ground and an opening in the shrubbery which betrayed a bush of succulent purple-red fruit. He sat on the ground, and began to pick at the stuff, thinking about the strange place all the while.

The forest is decaying at an unnatural rate. He mused over a mouthful of semi-sweet fruit. The trees seem to be just falling apart, and the grass dies while you watch it. It's not as if the plants are growing faster, either. What a strange place. Urgh. He winced as he bit into a rotten berry. It joined the red mess on the ground promptly. Eating more berries wouldn't remove the sickly sweet taste from his mouth - another rotten berry he found only amplified it - so Garret stood to seek water. He'd need it in days to come as well.

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