Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time Reclamation

Today, I begin a campaign to rid myself of the twin time consumers that are reddit and League of Legends. This really doesn't affect any of you readers (except perhaps with the creation of more content to be read) so the rest of this post may be completely boring to you. I won't be offended if you stop reading.

Or, you could use this as a chance to spur your own anti-time wasting campaign!

Premise: I spend too much time on reddit and League of Legends. When I have nothing to do, I find myself automatically clicking that tantalizing reddit bookmark, and spending a few minutes there before realizing there's something better to do at that time. When I want to play a video game, my first thought is League of Legends. Clearly, I'm too far in. I'm putting this out in public, as opposed to writing it for just myself, as I believe that will help me accomplish my goal. It's a psychological thing.

Goal: This is meant as a campaign to free up my time, and also give other video games a chance to be played. In the end, I intend for reddit and League of Legends to have much less weight in my life, with reddit taking up no more than fifteen minutes a day, and with League of Legends being played for one hour each day.

More importantly, I want my mind to go to something other than web browsing or video games when I need something to do. Reddit and League of Legends just happen to be the largest offenders.

Approach: I will try to reach my goals in two ways, to see which is most effective, then apply it to the other. For reddit, I will cut myself off from it completely for a period of one week, and then allow myself to go back, but for fifteen minutes a day, maximum. The same approach will be taken for all boredom-based web browsing. Whenever I find myself browsing out of boredom, I will find something else to do (I've made my own list). As for League of Legends, I will limit myself to two games or forty minutes a day, whichever is met first. If a game takes more than twenty-five minutes, it will count as two games. At the end of a one-week period, I will raise the cap to one hour.

Timespan: One week before a check-in.

We will now return to our scheduled programming.


  1. You should have let us finish our hosts file editing!