Saturday, October 2, 2010


Programming languages are as diverse as people. Each has their own traits and personality. Below is a commentary on some of those languages.

A+ - Language of Asians. Many of those who program A+ began programming C, then converted because their parents expected better of them.

C++ - All the cool people program C++, you should too! Don't be non-conformist.

C-- - A lesser version of C++.

D - This language fails the programming test. Work up to C, at least!

Fortran - That one old guy on the corner who spends all day on the porch. If you get past his rough exterior, however, you'll find a trove of knowledge.

Java - This is not coffee. It can be addictive as coffee, however.

Javascript - This is not Java. Understand? Good.

Lisp - Thith ith a language that ith powerful although it thoundth really weird. Have fun underthanding it.


NXC - See C--.

Objective C - An elitist language, somewhat like many Mac users. Prepare for an extra dose of smugness and long periods of feeling superior for no clear reason.

Piet - Schizophrenics and abstract artists everywhere love this language. They can put random colors into a file, and it makes a program! Magic!

Python - Not much to say, really. It's like that one kid in your class who seems kinda slow at first but provides a brilliant solution out of nowhere. (As opposed to C++, which is that kid who raises his hand and blurts out the answer before the teacher finishes asking the question.)

Shakespeare - Verily, thine language dost appear to be a play! Brings out the playwright in you.

Squirrel - I swear this is different from SQL. For one it- OH LOOK A SQUIRREL!

Whitespace - For people who have too much time on their hands, and are really good at counting spaces.

I'll have a post with more content up tomorrow, with any luck.

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