Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There's A Blog For That!

Apple has just recently trademarked their "There's an app for that" phrase. Meaning every time you type, say, or think about the consecutive words "There's an app for that" Apple can sue you for IP violations if you don't add a TM (in superscript, mind you!) directly after. I am not sure if parodies or quotes fall under violations, but if they do, I've got a metric fuckton of lawsuits coming for me. Because Apple needs to squish every blogger essentially giving them free adspace out there. On Google, no less!

Honestly, I don't see why they feel the need to trademark that phrase. Sure, it comes up in half the commercials they run (all the non-Microsoft bashing ones, to be specific), but that doesn't make it theirs. I don't know why they feel that just because they use a phrase, it's theirs.

There's a word for that.

Self-importance. Kids these days are just full of it, you know? They think they're the most important people out there. Until you ask them, at which point they profusely deny it. ("Oh, hell no! I'm like, the most humble person in the world, you know?") Part of this is the culture they grow up around. Everything is centered around them - blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter, buzz (for all you cool people in the world) - nearly everyone is figuratively jumping up and down and saying "HEY! LOOK AT ME!".

I said figuratively.

In all honesty, I think all of this could be overcome if we did one thing. Followed the rules of the internet. That's right, you heard me. Like those ones where you're not allowed to mention /b/, or Rule 34. I don't quite remember what that one was, just that it was awfully traumatizing. It was something like...ummm....

There's a fap for that.


Okay, okay, I'm....I'm alright now. Back to our stuck-up generation. All this self-importance has also caused this generation to possess the continual belief in their validity of what they have to say. To the point where what they say becomes overarching in their minds, and apparently to the world. (To the one person who said that Ke-dolla-ha was a singer, I hate you forever.) This causes arguments, fallacious to the extreme. For those of you who have lost all hope in arguments with these folks, remember this:

Use logic and feel smug.
Or, if you want the parody that badly, there's a fact for that!

Now to wait for the cease and desist orders from Apple.
There'll be crap for that.




  2. There's a fap for that.