Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dancing Into Darkness, Part 5

Wednesday, February 29th

I found Rinna at the same landing we ate at on Monday. She was seated in the same position, as well; body sitting on the window ledge, legs facing the stairs, and torso swiveled to the window. Her hair delicately contrasted the white snow beyond, and splayed downwards, fading into wisps on her dark green shirt. I stood there for a moment before coughing to make myself known. "Hey."

Rinna didn't turn. Not even the slightest head tilt.

I stood there, ignored, until I noticed what I had mistaken for a headband in her hair. Oh. Music. I strode up to her and gently tapped her shoulder.

Her eyes opened wide for a moment as she turned, extracting one earpiece from her nestle of hair, placing it behind her ear. She quickly adopted her neutral expression. "Oh, it's you. Why are you here?"

"I figured you could use the company."

She shrugged, and moved the earpiece back in place. I slipped my backpack off, slid it next to hers, and reclined on the wall by the window. I shuddered and crossed my legs as they hit the cold stone floor. I had just begun to pull my lunch from my pack when Rinna spoke up.


I turned to find her facing me, hand outstretched. I cupped my hands together to receive the blueberries she offered. "Thanks."

"It'd be cruel to eat these in front of you without sharing." She shrugged my thanks off.

As I slowly popped the berries into my mouth, my eyes traced the shadow of my arm, around Rinna's shadow, and to the other side of the window. "I can see why you might prefer to eat here." I reclined my head against the wall. "It's peaceful. Away from the commotion of the commons. I'm not sure if I could stand this every day though."

Rinna laughed lightly in response. We sat in silence amiably a little longer. I finished off the blueberries, and pulled out my sandwich.

"I have a silly question."

"Ask. I'll laugh at you after."

"Are you in a cult?" I was remembering Tony's warnings. Silly as they seemed, I was a little worried.

"What?" Rinna was shocked. "Are you trying to recruit me?"

"Just rumors....sorry."

"I wouldn't believe any rumors you hear about me."

"Yeah." I hung my head, shame overcoming me suddenly. I shouldn't have asked that. Of course she's not in a cult. Of course she's not a cutter. I'm letting my fears get the best of me. She's just a normal girl. Well, maybe a little different. But not in a bad way. A hand splayed itself in my hair, and ruffled it. I looked up to see Rinna peering down. She quickly withdrew her hand. Her cheeks were tinged with pink.

"It's alright. I'm not offended." She said. "It's a silly rumor." She half-smiled, then turned back to stare out the window. I wondered what she thought about, day in and day out, staring outside at the field.

Tomorrow, Tony would be bound to chew me out. Oh boy.

But it didn't matter. Not right now.

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