Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Post Today!

This post is paradoxical, pay it no mind.

I spent my day sitting in front a computer hitting F5 to get into a class I want to get into instead of writing blog posts and participating in winter break debauchery. I imagine your day was a tad more interesting than mine. Now go read something else. There is no more post to read.



Stop reading.

What do you not understand about "there is no more post to read"?

Perhaps you thought by post, I meant your mail. No. That's a misconception. I meant this blog post. There is no further blog post to read, so go check your mail.

Or perhaps you thought that I was using a dialectical form of English in which "there is no more post to read" is slang for "there is lots more post to read keep on going and enrich yourself with this stimulating material". Incorrect. I am using proper English.

Go away. I am busy refreshing pages.

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