Saturday, December 25, 2010

Obama Is At It Again

Okay, for Christ's sake, Obama, what the Hell?

Obama is standing solid on the fact that the trees in the White House are not Christmas trees, but rather "Holiday Trees". What a wimp. We know America is a Christian nation! It was founded on Christianity, for Christ's sake! Don't be afraid to flaunt it. You're Christian. The USA is Christian nation. A majority of the population of the USA is Christian. What will those atheists do if they get offended? Pray at you? Oh wait, they can't! Because they don't believe in God!

Spread the word! Let America know who we elected! A coward, with no pride in his own religion, denying America's religious history!


Did I get the imitation of the uber-Conservative fuzzy-on-the-facts Christian right?

Merry commercialized-to-the-point-of-little-religious-value day (or Christmas, if you insist on calling it that) to all! Expect a parody tomorrow!

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