Sunday, January 2, 2011


Computers are ubiquitous in the developed world. They're in our cars, in our pockets, in our offices and malls. (Is that a computer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?) Heck, I'm sitting in front of one right now, and I bet you are too! They can be used for more and more things as new hardware and software is developed. For instance, the computers here, both experimental and released, are used to monitor human behavior and motion, pulling on a database of other recorded behavior to detect anomalies. Computers, as the article says, are the unblinking eyes of the modern world.

But what is the important lesson we can all pull from this article? Computers are stealing our jobs. Who gives a damn if they do them more efficiently than we can? Child labor in China is far more efficient than labor here (if only due to having a larger workforce!) but we still frown upon it! Computer labor is not only inhumane - computers often go straight from the workshop to the...workshop - but it is additional outsourcing we Americans should not live with. Every computer in your workplace is another displaced American. Think about it. What computers in your workplace could you hire people for? (And thus give the economy a helping hand.)

Timers - Replace all the watches, alarms and timers you have with a personal manservant! People can be just as annoying as any beeper, and they happen to go off at preset intervals, too.

Coffee Makers - Oh, come on. This one doesn't require any imagination at all. Send someone to get your coffee from Starbucks. Outsourcing outsourced.

Cellphones - Get a relay - dictate a message to the relay, and send them off! They'll get some exercise, and you get your message delivered. The only downside: no cellphone games.

Cars - Commute via piggyback is so underrated.

Now think of some for yourself. Reclaim American jobs!

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  1. I happen to know someone who tells me that piggyback commute is in fact very safe and efficient, with little danger as people who would normally scare you walking or biking, now steer clear of you