Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gun Updates

I'm sure you could find these updates on any other news sites, but since I've already posted about this, I feel the need to post again.

I have no bloody idea where I got the submachine gun thing. The gun was a Glock 19. Sound familiar? Yup, same one used at Virginia Tech. Although the widespread opinion is that the assault was related to "vitriol" - that is, anger from other political opponenets - "strike her down" - taken too literally, there are a few other hypotheses out there. The main one is that the man had some mental disorder, and was an anarchist looking to bring down the federal government. (And didn't have the money to get to D.C.?) If this is true, why the hell did he have a gun? (Parroting myself from yesterday.)

Funny to come later.


  1. all the npr I've been hearing says sub-machinegun...

  2. Probably where I heard the thing in the first place. Sources are conflicted about this, maybe once they catch the guy. Currently the media is making a bunch of useless analysis, and getting a bunch of useless comments from people who knew him from ten years back or where his neighbors ex-wife's dog or something.