Monday, January 31, 2011

Google Saves The Day!

Last post of January! I have succeeded in failing two post every day again! Whoo!
Also, fair warning, crappy post, I'll have a better one Wednesday.

Anyways, in response to the Egyptian protests, Google has set up a call system two let them express themselves.

There could be problems.

1. Voice-to-text technology is shoddy at best. I'm using my own soft hair two dick this two my computer, and you can see how well it is working.

Weight. Damn it.

2. Tweets are limited two 140 characters. Speech is normally Mordor that. Paw brain?

Oh, Google is just adding bit dot lee links? That works two, I guess.


  1. wtf is this shit? I can't even understand what you're saying. Your blog usually has good grammar.