Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Steve Jobs, More Sick Leave

If you haven't heard the news, Steve Jobs is gone on sick leave. Or is that "sick" leave? Perhaps his company has a product test he's not prepared for.

Well, there's a little controversy out there about if Apple will keep producing while he's gone. That's probably the reason for the drop in Apple's stock, and possibly even the market, which dipped after Jobs announced his leave. There's no solid data correlating the two, however.

Anyways, in case Apple has any trouble thinking up new devices, here are some ideas to help them.

iGrab: The latest accessory for those with the iTouch and iPad. Great for little children...because little children are grabby too. That's it. Yeah. Of course.

iMinecraft: Instant money. Charge $30 for it, since that "i" costs so much to add on. Make the only in game items apples and Steve Jobs' head.

iBlogger: Your own blogging tool! Use it to make inane self-referential posts poking at Apple, the Tea Party, and life in general!

Better post to come tomorrow. It would be here today, but Apple decided they wouldn't make the iBlogger when I told them to.

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