Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New News #2

Email Thief Strikes Again

Leaked Microsoft memo:

RE: Email thief

He's back. This is NOT GOOD. You guys know what happened last time. He got hold of over 15 terrabytes of stored spam, junk mail, and weekly newsletters! That was a huge scare - we even had an angry customer who lost a Facebook notification! We almost lost him!

And now, he's back. I thought we got rid of him, how did this happen? Wasn't he happy enough that we gave him an email account? Why?

Well, we need to take decisive action. There's no other way about this. PR group, get to reporting the damage as some system failures. The rest of you, start securing emails. Print every email in the database - we can get to cross-referencing them later. As for hunting him down...I'll go myself. This ends here.

- Bill Gates
Your CEO who is way more awesome than that douchebag Jobs

P.S. You know what this means. Be sure to keep careful track of your contacts list, and count your emails twice. Joe from licensing already lost his treasured 150000 reply email dating back to 2000, and Martha from engineering has already lost two cure kitten pictures! Be on the lookout!

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