Monday, July 19, 2010

Media Rant #1 - Oil Spill

The first of many to come. Yes, I'm also touching on BP again. Apologies.

So, the first thing about the media which irks me is the lack of sense that half the people spew. It may reflect human senselessness, but honestly, do we really need so many commentators? And commentators who comment on commentators? It's all quite legal and in line with rules, which only serves to annoy me further. But this time, what's set me off have been all these commentators attacking Obama for not being mad at BP, and not going down the to Gulf to see the damage caused by the spill. (Yes, this is old news, but the bomb which is my anger also has a long fuse.)

I've got a couple bones to pick with these people. I won't call them idiots, because I don't know if they really believe this, or are doing it for the ratings. Gah. The whole rating/publicity thing in itself is enough to set me off. But I'm not willing to assume either way, so I'll call them people, as loath as I am to do such a thing.

First, why the hell are you calling Obama a bad president for not getting pissed at BP? When does anger do anything? I'm sure that BP execs will piss their pants when they see Obama go into a rage, and will hustle down to the gulf at once to clean up the spill by imbibing all the oil. Or perhaps the oil will be frightened by Obama's mad face, and hightail it back down that pipe, back into the oil well. Perhaps the oil will even rebuild the destroyed rig! The hot air coming from Obama's mouth would also clean off all the oil off the various sea animals, and heck, it'd probably send the Dow Jones up a thousand points, just because of the power of Obama's anger.

Yeah. I'm sure his anger would do all that. Honestly, what use is his anger? Apart from clouding his judgement, anger would do nothing for him.

Second, does Obama really need to make trips down to the gulf? Does he really need to make five? At the same time political commentators are calling Obama to go down to the gulf and attend to the problem and show he cares about American people, they're bashing him for....what? Spending taxpayer money needlessly? Like on flights down to the Gulf of Mexico to take a few publicity pictures, shake a few hands, and nothing else?

And then they attack his foreign policy.'re saying our relations with China are strained? That wouldn't be because Obama put off an appointment with the Chinese to respond to your requests to go down to the gulf, would it? No, never!

Finally, commentators bash and bash Obama for not getting anything done. And then bash him more once he passes a six month deep-water drilling moratorium. The main argument against it is that it will kill so many jobs. Well, these commentators obviously realize that Americans need jobs. Which is why they shouted down Obama's job creation bill. Because there's no way in hell a job creation bill could, you know, create jobs!

And I suppose Obama really was looking to kills jobs. As opposed to preventing another disaster until some reform could be made, or until we could deal with this current disaster fully. Nope, no way. Obama is out to kill us all! Don't you understand?

Maybe I'm being unrealistic about this. Can we expect the media not to contradict itself? Perhaps it's alright if the media feeds the public loads of bull (then turns around, and says that steak increases your chances of heart disease by 12%). I mean, there's no law against it. So, maybe my guff with this whole thing is wrong.

I've got an inkling it isn't, though.

But that might be my self-righteousness kicking in. Feel free to express yourself.

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