Sunday, June 13, 2010

MS Word Is Racist

DISCLAIMER: Post may be offensive to the easily offended.
DISCLAIMER #2: The above disclaimer may state the obvious.

Seriously, Microsoft? What do you have against Asians? This blatant racism makes me so angry you could cook a dog on me.

I might as well give you some background. As school nears its end, teachers lump final projects on. Among these is a huge world history paper. While typing it up, Microsoft, as usual, showed its true colors, and hit me with racist comment after racist comment. I'm sure it's just a "beta glitch". Just like the fact that Vista sucked was also just "a bug in the design".
Here we go. Starting from the beginning, complete with my thoughts, this is my journey through the racist lands of Microsoft Word 2010.

Woah. Woah. That is just out of hand. What did they ever do to you? This is disgusting.
Okay, fine, fine. Maybe it was just a bug. Betas have bugs. I can accept that. Here, let me see how I'm doing. This only has to be 750 words...

Yes! Only 696 words to go!
Wait, so now Asian words have to be separated from English words? What? Are you afraid they'll abduct your words and put them into sweatshops? I thought segregation ended 40 years ago! Gah. But I have to finish this paper. I'll move on then.

Dang. Misspelled something. Wait. No...all of that is corre- Hey! What the hell Microsoft?
No, you know what? I've had enough of this. Screw this paper. I'm complaining.
Off to the Microsoft website.
Here we go. Complaints and issues.

No. Not cool. There are different types of Asians, you know! We even have barcodes to tell ourselves apart from each other! Whatever. I'll complain about that too.

They changed my name. Wow. No, you know what? I've had enough of this. Microsoft, you will rue the day(s) you were racist! Time to find an alternative...Notepad won't cut it.



  1. if you were actually using word 2010 I am going to make you sorry.