Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Problems Never Go Away

I think it's readily apparent that problems never vanish, just like exes. You can diminish them, or give them to someone else, but you can never eliminate them (Again, just like exes). Every single problem that humanity has ever faced still exists in the world, in one shape or another. (Your ex sure has gained weight!)

Skeptical? Think about it. How often do you have to mow your lawn? Not just once, certainly. Same for cleaning the floor, and the dishes too. The problem just keeps coming back. When you hire someone to do that for you, you're passing the problem away.

Even on a larger scale, problems still exist. Segregation and racism still play major parts in everyday life. When someone who is non-White is assaulted by the police, they play the race card, calling it a "hate crime", or "an act of racism". (No chance it's just you overreacting to the coppers doing their job, hmmm? There will be a rant on this in the future.) Arizona's law is another example of this. Laundry is yet another example of how segregation is prominent in everyday life. (Why else would you separate the whites and the colors?)

Sexism. There's another problem that still exists. We just don't acknowledge it. Why is it that only women are having children? Why can't we men have children? That's downright sexist. (This man rebelled. Yeah, fight the oppression!) Sexism is also prominent in many a magazine. Why does Playboy contain only girls? Again, discriminating against men. Now is not the time for feminists to be angered, but rather for the masculinists to be shaking in anger! We demand equal rights!

But household tasks and -isms are not the only things which do not fade. Fights and wars are problems which never go away. The eleven Russian spies recently dug up from their cover? Remnants of the Cold War. And you can bet your ass (And your cows, goats, sheep...hell, bet the whole farm!) that there are more spies, just waiting to be found. And you know that fight you had with that other guy at the bar last night? That's going to keep happening, and happening, until, well, forever.

Think about any problem in your life. Can you get rid of it? If you think you can, you're wrong. Because I say so, and the voices in my head say I'm right. And one plus many is more than one. Hah.


  1. That "man" was born a chick, and still has the lady bits.

  2. Stop oppressing me and perpetuating racism. While you're at it, make a sandwich! ;)

  3. also, playBOY has pictures of GIRLS because it is playBOY. If it contained pictures of boys it would be playgirl, and, i think, that exists (or if i remember correctly from an episode of "30 rock" at least existed in the 80's)