Saturday, May 15, 2010

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Alright, so I'm sure at least some of you have heard of my attempts to get Legendary.
Well, that failed harder than taking an Alaskan governor as your running mate.

So I turned to Cthulhu. I mean, if I can't have beasts from mythology to shoot, why not just creep the crap out of myself? Well, after an hour's worth of play, and I'm loving this game. I other words, being throughly creeped out.
As a bit of prior information, for those who don't know what Cthulhuis, now you do.

So, this game is a first-person adventure. Where you get guns. (Though I haven't yet) And monsters. And dead.

The game starts with a cutscene of a guy in Arkham strangling himself, having drawn Cthulhu-like drawings all about his cell. Then, cut to six years back, where you are approaching some creepy-ass house.

Guess what? It's infested with cultists. (And these cultists aren't the deathmetal loving type)
Oh, and they all look the same, and are half-naked, to boot. Yay?
Anyways, you get caught in the middle of a skirmish, and decide to enter the house. Best decision ever, no?

Inside, you find that all the cultists are either dead, or dead within a few seconds of your finding them. And they all recognize you. There's even a room dedicated to your activities and accomplishments. The cultists who are already dead all committed suicide.

Well, what's the best course of action? Obviously, keep exploring the house! Der!
Coming to the study, you begin to hear the moans (of pain, pervs) of some guy. Probably a cultist. (Yes, in pain) Discovering a trap door, you head down a set of stairs, and, well, whaddya know, the stairs collapse under you. So you have to follow the hallway.

Upon which you cut to six years later. You've just been admitted out of Arkham...while you were inside, you had intense amnesia and schizophrenia, both of which you've now recovered from.
Next course of action? Go to the creepiest town in New York for your next case. The town only has one woman. Could this be a character important to the plot? Possibly...

As for the graphics, this game was made in 2005. They are not spectacular, at least, not the NPC's, but the environments are very dark and gritty. You don't need great graphics to make a nitty-gritty environ, do you?

The sound adds lots to the game, however. There is little in the form of game music, but rather, a vast array of sound effects from your surroundings. Whether it be just the sound of your footsteps and rapidly beating heart, or the mad ravings of a drunk, the lack of ambient music improves the game. The pause menu's sound effects makes it so that you don't pause for too long, either...

So far, I would definitely recommend this game to all of you. Even though you can see the cliched bits coming from a mile away, and you can't do what any sane person would do (i.e. nuke the house), it's a great way to spend an afternoon.

It will also be the cause of delayed blog posts. You have been warned in advance.

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