Sunday, May 16, 2010

Obama Is Out To Kill Mankind

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be offensive to any person or persons, nor to any religion/faith, ethnicity, race, gender, culture, political party, prude, or overly P.C. commentator. It is satire. Get over it.

There. I said it. The Truth is out. Not the truth. The Truth.
Obama is out to kill every single human being out there. And your little dog too. (That's just a little further down his agenda)

And I finally have proof of this. I know you will all gape in disbelief, but I have the undeniable proof of this twisted agenda. He has announced this back when he was still running to be president, and again more recently.

First, in his speech on 7/24/08, in Berlin, he said, ""
That's pretty clear, isn't it? Well, just to disguise his agenda, he put other words in to distract us. But he can't hide from the Truth! He's cunning enough to put it in at the very beginning, so when he nukes us, he can tell us he warned us beforehand!

Later, in his State of the Union address, he said, "I...will.....eliminate all....Americans. [A]nd slash...people...without delay. I...will...spread these [nuclear] weapons...and....launch...nuclear materials."
Scary, isn't it? And he said it, right there, in Washington! And are we doing anything about it? No. We should be. It is simply unpatriotic not to. Obviously when he said nuclear materials, he meant nukes. He's just using larger words to confuse us more.

Now, Obama is also furthering the destruction of humans in his policy. See the bailout. What is he doing with that? He's spending money. When America is in huge debt. You don't spend more money when you're in debt, you save it up, and pay your debt off. Obama is bankrupting America.

And at the same time, he's using that money for his own nefarious purposes. Have you seen his healthcare bill? The bill has provisions for abortion for rape victims and those in poverty who otherwise could not afford an abortion. This man is so nefarious, he's killing Americans BEFORE they're born!

And what about his blatant support for terrorists? As if saying it in public wasn't enough, as part of this "bailout" plan of his, he is funding terrorist behavior. $40.6 billion is gone fore education funding. Funding for colleges, funding for high schools. And what is this funding being used for?
Muslim support groups.

The Jewish community is onto, him though. On May 9th, the Washington Times reported that Obama lost almost half of his Jewish support. They can sense that he's doing something wrong. I.e. supporting terrorists. They can see that this money, supposedly going towards the "education of our country" is going to terrorist groups.

Don't believe this? The Republicans knew this from the start. Recently, at UCSD, a prominent member of the Muslim Student Association spoke up in support of one of the actions of Hezbollah. It is obvious that this member speaks for the entire association, which in turn, speaks for the entire Muslim community of San Diego.

I haven't heard any protest against this speech from anyone else in the United States, so this community of San Diego, so they must obviously represent the Muslim community of the United States. Of course! It's so simple! And obviously, because this member is in support of one of Hezbollah's actions, they're in support of all of them! The Hezbollah group is a terrorist group, and if you agree with a terrorist, you are one too.

If terrorists didn't agree with each other, then there'd be no command, no heirarchy, no common cause. The problem of terrorism wouldn't exist. So obviously, all terrorists agree with each other. Making this member of the Muslim Student Association a terrorist. And as all the Muslims of America agree with this (as proven above) they must all be terrorists.

And Obama is funding them. How many bombs can $40.6 billion buy?
More than one. And that's a lot.

Obama is a terrorist too. Obama enjoys living. Osama enjoys living. They share an opinion, and are both for terrorist causes (that's a second opinion!)....they must be aligned.
And, there's only a one letter difference in their names. Perhaps they're a single entity?

Moving on to further prove my point...

Last year, Obama requested an 8% increase for defense spending for 2010, as reported by AP. What would this be used for?
Wikipedia defines defense spending as, "A military budget of an entity...dedicated to raising and maintaining armed forces for that entity." And Wikipedia is never wrong; it's not as if anyone could just edit it.

So, Obama is going to make more guns, tanks, and planes. He's going to increase the size of the military, and get more weaponry. Guess what? News flash! Guns kill people!
Tanks kill people too. Just with bigger explosions.
So Obama is has an extra $600 billion to kill people with. He is out to get us all. Action must be taken.

And before you say anything, my logic makes perfect sense. If you try to attack it and blather on about logical fallacies, you're out of your mind. The Truth cannot be fallacious. So take this Truth and use it to your advantage. Spread the word.

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