Friday, May 21, 2010

How Far Is Too Far?


Alright, yes, there are times when being politically correct (will be referenced as PC later on, as I am very lazy) is preferable, or even necessary.
Today's society has taken it a few hundred steps too far. As a populace, we are too easily outraged by comments that, if we were in that politician's position, we would make as well. You're getting mad at him for publicizing an opinion different than yours? Well, *you* clearly haven't been on the Internet. Otherwise you'd be getting no sleep.

There are certain situations in which it is, as mentioned before, alright to be PC. Trying to get votes is one such thing (although even that can be overdone). But the situations which are brought up by various talk show hosts and news reporters for a lack of PC far outnumber the possible situations in which representatives should be expected to be PC.

Do we really expect our elected officials to be uptight, unprejudiced, and over-PC 24/7? Can you expect the same of yourself, or any other? I'm sorry, but we've taken it too far as a society. Oh, yes, it is totally worth impeaching the president for an off-handed comment he made in his personal bedroom while drunk out of his mind. Why do you have wire taps there in the first place?

Wait, don't answer that. You're the press. (Yes, I have problems with many mainstream "news" - acceptable use of quotations there - stations as well. I will go into that at a later time)

Alright, so expecting too much of politicians was the first sign of an over-PC society.
And now, we can see this non-PC-intolerant society interfering in everything.
Oh, I'm sorry for not having a picture of a paraplegic in this language arts textbook! Do we really need to have the percentages of different ethnic names used in this math book exactly equal? Or do we have to use names nobody in their right mind would name their kid? No, we'd probably get sued for not having "normal" names!'re shutting down the South American Culture class for....what reason exactly?
Because it doesn't take North American culture into perspective? What? And you're shutting down European studies because it doesn't go in depth enough into Africa? I suppose, by World Language Arts, we have to underrepresent American and European authors to appease you, as well. And you're firing your top history teacher and replacing him with an illegal immigrant from Algeria because you're trying to increase teacher racial diversity so you don't get sued? Your school is located in an all-white neighborhood in Alaska!

All these are signs of an overly PC community. I'm sorry that this math book has no questions about how long it would take for a sherpa to guide his llama pack through the Himalayas, but I'm sure that those sherpas are particularly offended. I'm also sure they'll find solace at being referenced in every other textbook in the United States.

What's the worst part about free speech being limited by oversensitivity (And I mean way over) and being too PC? Well, there are two parts. One, you can't combat it (If you haven't noticed, most of the communities crying foul are minorities, such as the comatose Armenian Ex-Nazi karate masters) as if you accuse the other party of over PC, they will claim, against you, that you are being racist, or elitist, or somethingist. People have opinions. Some of them are prejudiced. That doesn't mean every opinion is prejudiced. Second, many OPCPs (err, over politically correct people. Not some sort of drugs.) are hypocrites. Again, something one is unable to point out. They will attack something for being racist/classist/etc., then turn around, and say something similarly racist/classist/etc.

So, how do we stop this PC-plague? It's too late for prevention. The media (again, to be ranted at at another time) has already, in its attention-grabbing attempts, seized control of too many Americans, and turned them into OPCPs. It's like a zombie invasion. All you can do is fight back, and eliminate (or in this case, convert) them one by one. Teach them that they do not need to sue that bar for being 10 seconds late with your drink, even though you're sure it was because your jeans were sagging.

Oh, and just to appease those overly PC readers of mine, if any (you are probably no longer readers, as of this post) I have represented all ethnic communities equally, or tried my best. Did I leave out the native tribes of Siberia? So sue me.

I shall try not to rant again for a while. Or at least, make it funnier if I do.

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