Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Life Representations

DISCLAIMER: Short post today. Because I'm lazy as hell.

If life were an MMO....

Well, suffice it to say it would be weird. But in reality, some of the things you see going on in MMO's of all types exist. Here's how some of them can be seen.

Grinding: The people who cannot get enough exercise or knowledge. Trips to the gym and library, for hours or days at a time, not stopping to eat or sleep (or attend to other bodily functions) to increase that stat up to the next level are the norm for these people.

Min-Maxers: These people will do one thing, and one thing only. See very specialized professions, like nuke launcher. (They get to press the big red button!) Their entire life is dedicated to this, and they are incompetent at everything else. Who else does this remind us of? Career politicians, perhaps?

Scammers: Ponzi scheme. Nigerian princes. 'Nuff said.

Bots: These are those souls who exist purely because caffeine does too. Robots are an acceptable definition for this as well.

Message Spammers: The drunkard who wanders by your house each night singing off-key at the top of his lungs.

That One Guy Who Begs For Gold: Ummm.....hmmm. This one is tough. Maybe...umm, nope. How about th- no...Dang. Can't think of one. (In other words, those people who stand on the street with cardboard signs in hand. Have you perhaps considered trying to get a job?)

Multi-Accounters: Buddhists.

Kill-Stealers: That prick who always takes credit for your report.

Gold-Sellers: Those guys who try to sell you a $1 coin for $25.

Quest-Givers: Your boss. They don't do any of the stuff themselves, just get others to do it. And you can't kill them.

Rage Quitters: Suicide.

Hackers: Soulless beasts with nothing better to do than go through obscure laws an exploit them for their benefit and to the detriment of others, consuming their time and money, and generally hated by all. In other words, lawyers.

Newbs: The innocent guy who doesn't know what 4chan is.

Noobs: The annoying guy who pretends to be a newb.

Clan Advertisers: That one annoying guy who plugs his blog everywhere he can.

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